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Roof Soft Wash

In the soft wash, a low-pressure stream of water is spread to clean the roof. A safe and biodegradable detergent and some other ingredients are mixed with the water which focuses on removing algae, mildew, bacteria, and other contaminants that should not be there on the roof.

It is being used widely nowadays because of its effectiveness in clearing maximum types of unwanted contaminants and buildups from the roof. Another reason is that it is safe and gentle to the roof. 

Your roof shingles are strong but start being weak with time. Several natural impacts also make the shingles weak. The high-speed water output from pressure washing also weakens the shingles of your roof.

Soft wash doesn’t come with such an impact on them. Instead of putting such huge pressure, soft wash keeps the shingles safe by gently removing dirt and other accumulations from them. 

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